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What I Love About Uganda

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

Look, it’s no secret that Uganda (sigh)…has its issues. (soooo many issues) None of which we need to repeat here because a couple of them probably already sprung up in your mind…and would we really be able to exhaust the list if we started? But this is HOME. It’s our birthplace, where our roots are and even when we traverse the world, our hearts remain in Uganda. In celebration of Uganda’s independence, how about we recognise the things that make this country shine:

The food

But Ugandan touches your heart and soul.

Let’s be honest, there are so many people out there who are in awe of our variety and abundance of the food in Uganda (*cough cough* Kenyans)

If you’ve taken the time to bless the Lord for all the food in Uganda, take a moment (for real for real, take a moment) and thank God for the food. It’s amazing just how much variety we have in our markets including the fancy veggies that you would never believe you could find here. I mean…we have kale, blueberries, artichokes. We have so much to work with to fill our bellies. And let's be honest, the highlight of most get-togethers is the food.


Image credit: unknown

This deserves its own paragraph because Namawojjolo is an absolute gem. For anyone who understands how exhilarating food is (Yes, I am a foodie) who has a sophisticated palate 😉, you’ll understand the gem that is Namawojjolo chicken. Praise God?

And no, I don’t care if you think that they are serving us kalooli instead. (also…SLANDER! How dare you slander our fave chicken)

Quick tip: If you really want to enjoy yowa chicken, go to the stoves to have your chicken heated up. You can also ask the chefs to add some chilli (if you like to live dangerously) while they heat up the chicken. And for my peoples who understand sweet and savoury, enjoy your chicken with some sweet golden gonja. You’re welcome!

Sense of humour

Yeah, we are/

Ugandans just might be some of the funniest people. We’re funny when we speak in our native tongue. We’re funny when we speak English. We’re funny when we speak our Uglish.

Our sense of humour…issa problem sometimes because we’ll make jokes even about things that no one should be laughing about (Do I smell trauma? The fear of feelings?) but it carries us through a lot of hard times.

The music

Ugandans any time music comes on

Here’s the thing, there will be 101 arguments over how Nigerians, South Africans, Kenyans, Tanzanians have better music and distinct sounds but I’ve got serious love for Ugandan music. We get what we’re singing about whether it’s a long kandogo kamu ballad or about “chips na ketchup” or about a “parte after parte, after parte after parte after”. It’s ours and I love it. Also, I genuinely believe we can’t get “one sound” because of how ethnically diverse we are. Whether or not that’s a good thing is a discussion I wish to stay out of because I think it’s a pointless pursuit.


56 tribes. FIFTY SIX! Just wow!

There’s so much richness that cultural diversity adds to the flavour of being Ugandan from native tongues to the food and traditional clothes that we really ought to be more proud of.

The “we move” spirit

Crappy yet expensive internet, UMEME problems, flooding roads, embezzlement scandals, potholes, high taxes, the Dubai pavilion 😫 lots of things to make us cry, “who bewitched us?” but we keep picking ourselves up because “why not”.


Yeah, we do a lot for enjoyment.

You can’t not love Uganda’s level of enjoyment. Even though we have missed Nyege Nyege 2 years in a row (eh!), we move.

Ugandans have a clear understanding of how to have a good time. Enjoyment is our nickname. Parte is our spirit animal. One would think that enjoyment is reserved for those that love night life but oh no, you can have fun in church, at a family gathering, weddings, during kadanke while stuck at school.

Our spirit and will to keep raising our flag no matter what is the most commendable thing about us.

What do you love about Uganda?

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