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Millennial Lessons: What I’ve Learnt from Candy Crush

Updated: Feb 14, 2022

These aren’t new lessons per se. They are more like reinforced truths from hours of playing a game that’s centred on matching colours.

Yes, people. There are little lessons in everything. Just open yourself up a little bit.

Use all the opportunities you have

While playing the game, sometimes you’ll happen on the “special candies” that can help you rack up more points or blow things up. You’ll get the striped candy, the one in the wrapper, the chocolate colour bomb, the jellyfish, that other pink one that looks like a marshmallow with jelly in the middle and the pink lollipop.

Maybe it’s just me, but when I started playing this game, I sometimes kept those “special candies” to use later during other levels, especially the ones that are nightmarishly hard. Then one day I was like, “why do I do this?”

This is how life is sometimes. You’ll get an opportunity to showcase your art, your talent and you’ll convince yourself that it’s not yet time, that you’re not yet ready. Eh, please! No one ever learnt how to swim by standing on the side of the pool and waiting for the water to cooperate. Also, opportunities don’t come around often. When people come with opportunities and you shy away, they’re less likely to come back. Kati, use all the “special candies” you can get. Tomorrow (or the next level) will sort itself out.

Take all the freebies and favours you can get

This isn’t very different from the first lesson but it’s got its own juice.

My version of Candy Crush awards me with “extra moves” and “special candies” when I watch 10 second ads. Because I play Candy Crush during my downtime, 10 seconds isn’t a big deal but the freebies I get are a big deal.

How many times have you said “no thanks” when someone has offered you free stuff and favours? Are you suspicious of everyone who is happy to help with no strings attached?

It’s understandable, in the capitalist world we live in, to look at people with a side-eye when they are willing to give you something for free. Of course, you need to take a lot of precaution, prayer and listening-to-the-gut-ation, but take some time to consider that some people in this world are genuinely kind.

There are no prizes for suffering, just long stories to which we exclaim, “Eh, bambi!”

Even the worst stages will end

There are some levels in Candy Crush that were the absolute thorn in my side. Imagine being stuck on a level for days. Aki, DAYS! It’s so annoying. Come on, why can’t I just collect all the cherries and nuts. But somehow, the algorithm shifts and you get your win.

You’ll go through some brutal stages in life. Candy Crush is a game so it’s easy to forget the worst levels you’ve had to tango with. In real life, the impact of hard stages in life last longer than a day, week or month. The stage will end. Even though we carry so much with us after those hard moments of life, know that you have survived this and will continue to survive.

Celebrate wins

This! Always! You’ve probably heard this over and over again. That’s because it’s important. Celebration is important. It lifts your spirits and lets everything in you realise “You’ve got this.”

“Yaaasss, queen!” If you’ve been reading Can We Talk’s blogs on Affirmations and Manifestations (add links) then you know this raises you to a high that you can only benefit from. Even small wins count, when I win the weekly contest and gain big “special candy” rewards or finally get through Level 1474, I celebrate. This win might bring about world peace but it brings me my own sense of harmony. That counts too.

Dedi-k: Jubilation by Eddy Kenzo

Prayer counts for even the silliest things

Prayer isn’t reserved for only illness, securing jobs and interceding for the country. Prayer serves so much more than that. It will help you centre yourself, seek clarity and get stuff off your chest. Yes, including how annoying that one level on Candy Crush is.

You can pray for your hair to grow healthy and retain length, sis.

You can pray for your beard to connect, bro!

You can pray for your skin to clear, ba-people!

No, it’s not too small or ridiculous. It matters to you, so it matters to God too. Ka-bonus, as always

It’s fun to watch things pop, explode with colour. Don’t take life too seriously ALL THE TIME.

Rest-ko. Laugh-ko.

Enjoy simple things. Don’t let adulting lie to you into believing that you no longer have an inner child to service and to love.

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