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The Can We Talk Podcast is a limited series podcast, with three seasons so far, streaming on all major podcast platforms.

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Season One: Adulting in your 20s

This season features more than twenty-five episodes of conversations and self reflections on discovering the adulting world in your 20s. From navigating the hookup culture to handling your personal finances and imposter syndrome.

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Season Two: Taboo Topics

This short & sweet season features five honest fun thought-provoking conversations on five topics that are not talked about in our community as Ugandans, as Africans. From unpacking the deep culture of silence in our cultures to tribalism and classism, we kept it real this season!

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Season Three: Home

This season will feature conversations and a personal storytelling of the host’s personal journey of finding home. Home within yourself. Home in people. Home in your body. Home in your purpose.

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