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Season Two: Taboo Topics

This short & sweet season features five honest fun thought-provoking conversations on five topics that are not talked about in our community as Ugandans, as Africans. From unpacking the deep culture of silence in our cultures to tribalism and classism, we kept it real this season!

Season Two: Taboo Topics Trailer

Season Two of the podcast is going to be focused on healing and learning through conversations about taboo topics in our Ugandan community. I (@muna_kampala) is joined by Kabasigyi (@shesamukiga) for this season.
Understanding what causes us trauma and causes us to be the way we are is not only the first step to healing, but breaking generational patterns. So join us this season as we unpack and break the silence around different taboo topics; from family-inflicted trauma to sex and alcohol, we're going in! 
We're showing up authentically, keeping it real and going IN this season. So, CAN WE TALK?
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S2 E1: The Culture of Silence

Officially back for Season Two! On this episode, Kabasigyi (@shesamukiga) and I (@muna_kampala) begin to unpack the culture of silence in our community. As we explore taboo topics this season, it's important to first dive into why these topics became taboo. Why don't we feel comfortable to express ourselves in our relationships? Why do we feel shame around being seen and/or heard?
We talk about our different experiences being raised in Ugandan homes (one in Kampala, and the other in Canada) and how it affected the way we express ourselves. We touch on why some of us in the younger generation to speak on the current political situation in Uganda. We also get into silence in the workplace, church and lots more! Get ready for some good ol' conversation.

Instagram: @can_we_talk_podcast Website:
Music by: @themekaslab
Art by: @a.o.draws

Bonus episode: Allow us to reintroduce ourselves!

Who are we and why are we doing this season together? In this episode, we (@muna_kampala and @shesamukiga) tell y'all a little about ourselves and how we came to host this season together.
Instagram: @can_we_talk_podcast
Music by: @themekaslab
Art by: @a.o.draws


S2 E2: Alcoholism

On this episode, we talk about alcoholism in our community. We open up about our personal journeys with alcohol. Sometimes we drink because it's Saturday. Then we drink because we just got off work. Or because we're stressed. Maybe because we're socializing. How do you know when it's time to put the bottle down? How can we change our habits for better coping mechanisms?
Get ready for some good ol' conversation. Instagram: @can_we_talk_podcast Website:  Music by: @themekaslab Art by: @a.o.draws

S2 E3: Spirituality & Religion

On this episode, we share our personal spiritual/religious journeys. We open up about our different spiritual awakenings and search for truth. Religion & spirituality although closely related, are different. Whichever journey you're on, they both play a big part in our lives & shaping our identity: the freedom we feel, the shame we carry, the hope we hold on to, the values we hold. How do you define God? How have the structures of religion affected your relationship with God? Do you feel seen in your religion?  Get ready for some good ol' conversation. Instagram: @can_we_talk_podcast Website:  Music by: @themekaslab Art by: @a.o.draws


S2 E4: Realities of Relationships

On this episode we are joined by guests, Will & Arthur, Ugandan-Canadian brothers, to talk about the realities of cultivating a healthy relationship in today's world. We talk about the changes in dating & relationships as we grow up. We also get into dating across cultures, as well as the significance of cultural/traditional weddings, why men ghost and more. Does the way we were raised have an impact on the partners we choose? What role do friends and community play in our intimate relationships? Get ready for some good ol' conversation. Instagram: @can_we_talk_podcast Website:  Music by: @themekaslab Art by: @a.o.draws

S2 E5: The isms of Uganda: Tribalism, Classism, Sexism

On this episode, we are joined by Ophelia Kemigisha, a queer, feminist, human rights lawyer & writer who is interested in building a new future filled with pleasure & justice. We get into the role colonialism played in creating the systems of oppression today. We also get into stereotypes around tribes, savior complex and the inter-connections between the 3 isms. Does tribalism exist? What IS tribalism? Is privilege a bad thing? How can one use their privilege to create better systems? Get ready for some good ol' conversation. Instagram: @can_we_talk_podcast Website:  Music by: @themekaslab Art by: @a.o.draws

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